The idea of being mindful has been taught across the world in many forms and in many ways. Being mindful is the idea of being fully in the moment. In America, the idea of being mindful has been put to the wayside due to our fast paced lifestyle. I’m glad to see this idea making a comeback over the past few years; and that more and more people are starting to integrate mindfulness practices into their everyday life.

I find certain times can be easier than others to be mindful. Many of my clients report that the most difficult time to be mindfully in the moment is when they are driving. As crazy as this sounds, it’s not that we are paying no attention to driving, but when we are driving we often have dozens of other thoughts come into our minds. If we are driving to work, we are thinking of what we need to do when we get there. If we are going to the store, we are reviewing our mental shopping list. We are eating, singing, talking on the phone, smoking, thinking, and dare I say…texting, all while we are driving. Think back to the last time you were behind the wheel, were you focusing solely on driving?

So how can we start to become more mindful and practice living in the moment? How can we learn to focus on what is right in front of us and not constantly worry about the past or the future? This process can take some time, but can be done with re-training your brain to quite down. There are a few methods that I teach clients in order to practice being mindful. Practicing exercises such as progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, yoga, and biofeedback are all great places to start in order to begin to become more mindful and quiet your mind.

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