Black Friday Shopping has been a tradition of mine for several years. There is nothing like standing in the line BEHIND Target, holding your coffee, huddled under a blanket, meticulously going through their add making your plan. Then finally getting into the store and placing your hand on the TV you want so that when the whistle blows you dive in. Totally worth a few bumps and bruises, Or is it?? If you are an individual that suffers from anxiety trying to squeeze through these crowds can lead to the panic attack of a lifetime! I have noticed that people feel one of two ways about the Black Friday experience they love it or hate it.

To throw in another twist Black Friday shopping has now turned into Thanksgiving Day shopping with stores opening as early as noon on Thanksgiving! Now we have veered away from this being a day of family bonding and dining to shopping. But are the deal really worth it?

I think that we desperately need to evaluate if these deals are really worth the hastle. Or could it be as simple as moving our turkey day to later in the week? This is what our family has decided to do, not only for the reason of shopping, but many of us also have to work, especially if your work is in retail. Whether we like it or not this holiday has changed from focusing on family to focusing on your shopping list. Try to remember that this week of Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful whether you shop or not. I would love to hear your comments on how you feel about this!

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