images-7Do you suffer from constant worry, restlessness, and tension. Or perhaps have panic attacks where you have difficulties breathing, chest pain, and shakiness. There are several different types of anxiety that can range from feeling nervous prior to taking a test to inability to go into public places. Anxiety can become problematic when it begins to affect your day to day life. In many cases anxiety and depression exist together and often feed off one another. Luckily, there is an end to this cycle and you can learn to control your anxiety. The counseling services and medication management of Empowering Minds is here to help.

Generalized Anxiety-No one is immune to worry about family, money, and health. When this worry affects your day to day life it can be defined as Generalized Anxiety Disorder or GAD. This can often be linked to distorted thinking patterns. Symptoms include irritability, feeling on edge, and difficulties sleeping.

Panic Attacks-This is the terror of anxiety. Individuals who have had panic attacks often report feeling as if they are loosing control, having a heart attack, inability to breathe, and feeling like you are going to die. Although these fears are very real no one has ever died from a panic attack. In fact 25% of people coming to the Emergency Room thinking they are having a heart attack are actually having a panic attack (Huffman, 2002) ! Luckily there are some therapeutic techniques that can be learned quickly and easily to stop panic attacks.

Agoraphobia-Panic attacks can often lead to agoraphobia. This is often when the fear of having a panic attack can impact how you live your day to day life. This can inhibit people from doing things such as going to the store, bank, or other public places.

PTSD-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is often thought of common amongst veterans, however it affects up to 5.6% of the general population (Frans, et al., 2005). Nearly everyone has experienced some traumatic event from a car accident to the death of a loved one. PTSD can develop from a single catastrophic event or from several small or major events that occur over a lifetime, which I refer to as raindrop trauma. When there is intrusive memories of events, nightmares, hypervigilance, and flashbacks PTSD is born.

OCD-Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is when thoughts or impulses take over your life. There is an obsession over something, such as hand washing which is associated with fear and anxiety. Compulsions are when there are repetitive behaviors that are affecting day to day life. Although someone may realize that their thoughts or actions are out of control they are unable to stop this.